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  1. Northward
  2. Tribute (to a King)
  3. Ochtenddauw
  4. The Feast at Glasir
  5. Bier Drinken en Kut Roepen


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The army grows once more! Ilmarinen announces new bassist!

It has been a very long while, but the journey to find a new bassist has finally come to an end. Please welcome...

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The future is dark and grim! Ilmarinen and Armando split ways

The future is dark and grim, for Armando will no longer share the stage with us. Who will lead us into battle now?...

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Story behind the song: The Feast at Glasir

The song The Feast at Glasir tells us a story of someone dying and going to Valhalla. The Fallen In the first verse...

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