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New release: Gold

It is a beautiful day for new music, and as luck would have it “Gold” just got released onto your favourite streaming platforms.
This EP consists of two songs:
“Gold, and a new version of the hit-song “Bier Drinken en Kut Roepen”

More in-depth posts about the new song will follow shortly.

The army grows once more! Ilmarinen announces new bassist!

It has been a very long while, but the journey to find a new bassist has finally come to an end.
Please welcome Roy to the fold!

The earth will tremble, and the heavens crack with the deep sounds of his guitars. His intense playing style will make all the peasants in the audience swoon before him. We have been blown away by his abilities in the rehearsal room, and cannot wait to bring him with us to the stage!

We are looking forward to all the adventures we’ll have together.
Give him a warm welcome, and raise a pint in his name!

The future is dark and grim! Ilmarinen and Armando split ways

The future is dark and grim, for Armando will no longer share the stage with us. Who will lead us into battle now?

Armando’s last words to the fans:
“After many years of battles with Ilmarinen, it’s time to take a new path. I say goodbye to the army to embark on a quest in search of a greater destiny! I want to thank all the fans for their support over the years and may we see each other again in the future! So cheers everyone, and may the army of Ilmarinen forever be victorious!”

Having been in the band from the very start we are sorry to see him go, but other projects require his attention now. We would like to wish Armando the best of luck with his new ventures. You will be missed!

The war drums will sound once more! Ilmarinen announces new drummer!

The chair has been empty for a while, but the time has finally come: We are very pleased to announce that Rutger will be taking over as drummer.
The unstoppable force of his blasts will make rolling thunder seem insignificant in comparison. For a while we’ve been playing together and were blown away by his skill. Not only is he a great drummer, but he has a good ear for music in general. A worthy addition! We cannot wait to see what adventures we will have together!

Upon joining the band Rutger had this to say:
“I am really looking forward to make a shitload of noise with these guys! I hope we can do some live shows soon.”

Give him a warm welcome, and raise a pint in his name!

Ilmarinen launches new site!

Greetings warriors!

Today is a day of celebration, for we finally launch our official website!
Here you can find everything there is to know about us. Whether you want to know more about the band itself, the bandmembers, the music we have made, our merch, or links to all our social media… You can all find it here!
If you find something missing, don’t worry. We’re always working on adding more details, and it might be planned as a future feature. But do let us know nonetheless, we love to hear what you think.

If you’re feeling brave, you can join our official discord channel by going to our contact page and become part of the Army of Ilmarinen. Some of the bandmembers dwell there too, so it’s a great chance to get into contact and get to know them a bit better. We hope to see you there!

Be looking forward for more interesting posts and news soon!

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